Selecting the legal form of business

One of the first challenges facing an entrepreneur is to decide on the legal form of the business. This moment is extremely important, as it can affect the success of the undertaking.

When deciding on the choice of a particular model, one must be aware of its implications. In particular, attention should be paid to costs related to the operation of such an entity as well as tax consequences. We are able to provide:

  • analysis of the entrepreneur's needs
  • study of functioning legal forms of businesses
  • presentation of the advantages and disadvantages of available solutions
  • indication of the financial and tax consequences of potential legal forms
  • assistance in the preparation of the documents required to set up a company
  • support in the preparation of regulations, statutes and other internal acts

It is much easier to develop your business with an experienced partner. With us, your first steps in the business world will be quick and safe.