obtaining funding

Acquiring financial resources by new enterprises can be a big challenge. Credit institutions are reluctant to provide funding. This is due to the fact that start-ups have a short credit history and do not generate an adequate level of income.

On the other hand, receiving funding from the European and domestic funds requires meeting numerous criteria, and the procedure is characterised by a high degree of formalisation. As a result, many projects with high potential do not receive these forms of support.

Considering the above-mentioned requirements, we have prepared special solutions that will allow your company to develop intensively. Our services include:

  • support in obtaining financing from both European funds and national programmes
  • analysis of the company's financial needs
  • preparation of credit documents
  • support in establishing the collateral required by credit institutions
  • assistance in negotiating financing terms
  • arranging a meeting with potential investors
  • preparation of the company's budget

Working with us, you can be sure that all formalities will be properly completed and the probability of obtaining funds will increase. Find out which solutions will fit your business best.