how to examine whether it is possible to register a patent or trademark

Protection of intellectual property rights belonging to a company should be one of the basic tasks for its management board, partners and investors. In high-tech industries (e.g. medicine, pharmacy or energy sector) this is especially important, as it can decide about the company's ultimate success or failure.

One must also be aware that these activities affect the valuation and position of the company on the market. A company with properly documented and legally protected inventions is incomparably more attractive and noticeable in the eyes of investors. We provide the following services:

  • assessment of the patentability of inventions
  • assessment of whether it is possible to apply for utility model and trademark protection
  • assessment of whether it is possible to register industrial designs, geographical indications and topography of integrated circuits
  • search of Polish and foreign patent databases
  • submitting patent applications in the Polish and European Patent Office as well as other selected countries (USA, Japan, Norway and others)

It is worth to invest your money in obtaining the right protection in order to safely use your solutions, without worrying about potential claims from competitors.