how to prepare for a meeting with an investor

The prospect of a conversation with an investor is not easy. It often causes stress, sleepless nights and nervousness. Often even the mere thought of contact with such a person deters people and deprives them of the opportunity to raise significant funds for further development of their business.

We work with investors from various industries, including medicine, biotechnology, dietary supplements and clothing. They often use different criteria for the selection and evaluation of the presented ideas, most often consistent with the adopted investment policy

We have noticed, however, that there are some universal rules that every originator of an idea interested in obtaining funding and support should follow. We can share our observations with you and prepare you for the presentation of your idea to the investor. You will receive

  • knowledge about the rules governing the meeting
  • preparation for the meeting
  • support in the preparation of multimedia presentation
  • verification of the presentation plan and its key elements
  • opportunity to present your idea to a group of experts

Using our help is a good way to get to know the needs of investors and to understand the start-up environment.